Drain Cleaning Service

What is a drain cleaning service?

A drain cleaning service a team of professionals specializing in a very specific area of plumbing; keeping your sewer and drain lines flowing properly. Pro Drain Inc. is one such company. We provide complete sewer and drain services on any type of sewer or drain waste line. The types of drain lines we service include sinks, showers, bathtubs, Jacuzzi tubs, toilets, storm drains, floor drains, area drains, sewer lines, roof drains, condensation lines, laundry lines, or any other type of plumbing waste line.

What are some common things a drain cleaning service does?

All plumbing system need to have their drain lines serviced from time to time. As wastewater flows through the system, the water carries different types of residue with it. This residue will build up on pipe walls slowly over time, making the interior of the drain line smaller and smaller, until finally the drain line is fully blocked. This blockage could cause wastewater to “back up” though another plumbing fixture in your residence or property. That’s where Pro Drain Inc. comes in. Using the most modern equipment and techniques, we remove the blockage as well as built up residue from pipe walls. We can achieve this through a couple of different methods such as an electric drain cleaning machine, aka “drain snake”. What a drain snake does is cut up the blockage and scrape residue off the pipe walls, by way of a mechanical cutting blade which is affixed to the drain cable end. Flowing water then washes away buildup and debris. In more extreme stoppages, we may utilize our water jet machine. Think of a water jet as a pressure washer for the Inside of your drain lines. A special hose is propelled down the drain line by a high-pressure nozzle. This nozzle will blast away any obstructions and pipe buildup, essentially “scrubbing” the interior of your drain or sewer line. Both methods have their place and both are totally safe for your drain pipes. We strongly recommend performing a preventive maintenance drain cleaning before the drain is totally clogged, as this may save you money and a potentially messy situation.

What’s an example of what a regular drain maintenance program consist of?

One type of situation in which we perform regular preventive maintenance is for a large catering hall located in New Rochelle, NY. We clean all the major sanitary and storm drain lines on a monthly basis. By removing the grease and sediment buildup before it forms a blockage, this catering hall can be confident knowing that they will not experience a flood or backup during a party or wedding. Imagine a 500 person wedding with the toilets out of order; not a pleasant image. By being proactive, this halls drain lines will flow smoothly whatever the occasion.