Drain Repair

Signs of Drain Repair:

There are many signs that you may need a drain repair. Some of these symptoms include: slowly draining sinks and tubs, smelly foul odors emitting from your basement, dirty residue in a basement laundry tub or sink, wet basements after a rainfall or sewage/dirty water in plain site on your basement floor. These are just a few general signs that you may need a drain repair. The good news is that in most cases, these troubling symptoms can be resolved quickly and easily by hiring a reputable sewer and drain cleaning company. That’s where Pro Drain Inc. comes in. We specialize in all types of drain repair. We possess the proper drain repair equipment and experience to resolve your drain related issue in an efficient and economical manner.

Causes of Drain Line issues:

The most common causes of drain line issues are generally buildup that adheres to pipe walls, Hair, cooking grease, and tree roots are the most common causes of drain line obstructions. These items buildup over time, slowing the drain line flow more and more until finally the line is totally blocked and waste water can no longer exit properly. This is typically referred to as a drain clog, stoppage, or backup. Most of the time we can rectify this situation by using an electric drain cleaning machine, a.k.a “drain snake.” We have an assortment of properly sized “snakes” depending on the size of the drain to be cleared and nature of the blockage. For larger lines or stubborn stoppages, we have a high-pressure water jet machine that scrubs the interior of your drain line, and then safely flushes all residue away.

White Plains, NY

One of the most common drain repairs is a clogged shower or bathtub drain. We have one customer in particular located in White Plains, NY that is no stranger to clogged showers. This homeowner has three girls, all with long hair. Their hair causes clog every 6 months or so. Typically, we open the line with a hand held electric snake, and sometimes remove so much hair that it resembles a pony tail! This process is relatively quick and painless and takes roughly a half hour, and the cost is very reasonable. So as you can see from our example, not every drain repair needs to be a cause for concern.

Tips to keep your Drain Line safe:

Finally, a little prevention can go a long way in keeping your drain lines flowing. Limit the amount of hair that goes down your tub/shower waste line by always making sure that a screen is affixed to the drain pipe to catch the hair. Clean this screen after each use and discard any buildup in the trash. Pour kitchen grease into the garbage after it has cooled. NEVER pour kitchen grease directly down the drain. Also, do not flush paper towels or sanitary napkins/ wipes, even if the packaging claims that they are safe to flush; they are not! Chemical drain openers are also a bad idea. They too claim to be safe on pipes, but our many years of experience in drain repair shows us otherwise. Please follow these tips and you should see prolonged drain line flow.