Sewer Line Cleaning

Is your Sewer Line creating a problem?

Sewer line cleaning is a necessary maintenance for homeowners and property managers alike. As wastewater flows through a sewer line, it carries buildup causing residues and debris with it. Cooking grease, soap scum, hair, and tree roots are the most common causes of buildup within a sewer line. Couple this with the flushing of certain debris down toilets such as paper towels, sanitary napkins, and baby wipes, a sewer line backup is almost certain at some point. These backups can be messy, smelly, expensive, and certainly always inconvenient. The good news is that there is something that can be done to prevent these sewer backups.

How Pro Drain Inc. works?

Enter Pro Drain Inc. We can provide a preventive sewer line cleaning, greatly reducing the chances that you may experience a sewer back up. We possess a wide array of sewer and drain cleaning equipment to keep your sewer line in optimal condition. The most common method of sewer line cleaning is by using an electric drain cleaning machine, aka “drain snake.” The way an electric drain machine works is a cutting blade is affixed to a long, flexible, steel cable (the snake) and the machine itself rotates the cable at high speeds. This rotation helps the cable proceed down your sewer line, navigating bends, and the spinning action allows the blade on the end to cut up any buildup and residue in your pipe. We have different cutting blades at our disposal depending on the requirements of the application. Another method of sewer line cleaning is high-velocity water jetting. Water jetting is basically a power washer for the interior of your sewer line. A special cleaning nozzle is affixed to the end of a high-pressure hose. This nozzle then pulls the hose down your sewer line, safely scrubbing and blasting away any residue or debris in its path. The end result is generally a sewer line that has been restored to as close to new as possible.

Yonkers, NY:

A number of months ago, we cleared a relatively large sewer line in a commercial property with our water jet machine in Yonkers, NY. This line serviced a row of stores, including several restaurants. The line was constantly backing up, and the prior drain cleaning company couldn’t seem to correct the issue for more than a couple of weeks. It turns out that the grease residue from the restaurants built up so severely in this line, that the pipe was completely blocked for long sections. With our water jet, we removed blocks and blocks of hardened grease, some so large that they resembled small logs. When we finalized our cleaning, we performed a pipeline video inspection to determine line condition. The inspection revealed that all the grease was removed, and the sewer line was restored to it’s original diameter. Problem solved and another happy customer!