Why Neglecting Pipe Cleaning Services Could Wind Up Costly

The plumbing systems in your home can be easy to ignore. Hidden mainly within walls and other out-of-the-way locations, pipe health just isn’t an issue many people think about often. Unfortunately, this lack of attention can lead to big problems.

Our complete guide to pipe cleaning services details the potential problems regular cleanings can help avoid. Plus, we’ll also show you what warning signs to watch out for so you can spot pipe issues early.

What is a Professional Pipe Cleaning?

A professional pipe cleaning keeps your showers, sinks, toilets and other water systems running smoothly. Any blockages in the pipe are cleared away. Professional cleaning clears blockage without damaging the pipes.

Pipes can become blocked due to all sorts of reasons. Hair and debris can clog shower and sink drains. Oil and food can block the pipes in the kitchen. Wet wipes, facial tissue and other types of paper can clot toilets.

Plus, the sewer line, storm drains and other water systems outside your house can develop problems, too. Roots and shifting soil can put pressure on underground pipes. Unfortunately, a blocked pipe outdoors can cause water to back up inside, flooding basements and other lower-level locations.

Flooding isn’t just damaging. It can be very expensive, too. If the flood was caused by poorly maintained pipes, many insurance companies won’t cover the damage. Professional cleanings help spot potential problems early.

What Pipes Need to be Cleaned?

Your house is a network of pipes of many sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, an issue in one area can quickly spread. Blocked pipes can affect the performance of sinks and drains throughout the house. Plus, blockage can lead to leaks and flooding.

Professional plumbers will examine the health of your home’s entire plumbing system. Aside from fixing any specific issues, they’re able to determine if there’s an underlying plumbing issue which needs to be addressed. To do this, the plumber will examine all the pipes both inside and outside of your house.

How are Pipes Professionally Cleaned?

A plumbing professional will have a few different tools at their disposal. They’ll use electric drain machines to reach deep into the depths of your pipe network. Plus, a high-velocity water jet machine can be used flush away even the toughest clogs. Finally, a professional plumber can check the condition of the pipe using an ultra-thin video camera.

A professional will be able to clean a pipe without causing damage. This is especially useful when unclogging a pipe outside. A professional with a water jet or electric rooter can clear a line without having to dig up the garden or lawn. This not only saves your landscaping but also costs less.

Does Weather Affect Pipe Cleaning?

Yonkers has cold winters and hot summers. These temperature fluctuations can cause pipes to constrict and expand throughout the year. This puts extra stress on the pipes. Regular cleanings help keep your pipes clean all year long. A professional cleaning is recommended before summer and winter.

You’ll also want to ensure your gutters and downspouts are clear and properly fitted. Rainwater and snowmelt should flow off your roof and away from your house. You want water to drain at least five feet away from your foundation. A professional gutter cleaning will help protect your basement and lower levels from structural damage.

How Can Long-Term Damage Occur?

Clogs start small and grow over time. Unfortunately, if debris is allowed to settle in your pipes, long-term damage can be the result. Common issues include burst pipes, mold growth and more.

Smells can be a problem, too. Plumbing issues can cause the house to fill with an unpleasant, sewer type of smell. If not dealt with relatively quickly, that smell could settle into carpets and furniture.

When Should I Call a Professional?

Don’t hesitate to call for seemingly minor problems. A small service call is usually very inexpensive. Plus, a relatively minor issue can be prevented from turning into something more serious.

If any sinks or toilets don’t drain properly, they might need cleaning. Also call a professional if you smell anything unpleasant from any drains. Odors can indicate a problem with the sewer line.

You’ll also want to call a professional if you’re using a lot of drain cleaner or cleansers. While sometimes an effective short-term solution, liquid drain cleaners can severely damage your pipes. The corrosive acids can eat through metal. Plus, the chemicals can burn your skin and lungs.

Occasional use of a drain cleaner is fine for routine maintenance. But if you’re using a cleaner or crystal frequent, without much success, there’s probably an underlying problem which requires a professional. Don’t burn out your plumbing with excess use.

Chemicals can clear your drain temporarily. But only a professional can clean your drain. Frequent clogs can indicate a larger problem which needs to be fixed.

How Can You Keep Your Plumbing Clear?

Some issues can only be identified by a professional with a drain camera. But there are many potential problems you can prevent yourself. One of the most important actions you can take is to carefully monitor what materials enter your plumbing system.

Avoid flushing wet wipes and other heavier paper products. They can easily clog pipes. Only use toilet tissue. In the kitchen, avoid pouring oil down the drain. If you have an in-sink garbage disposal, keep it cleaned and properly maintained. Finally, you’ll want to install mesh drain catchers in sinks and showers. This helps keep hair and small debris out of the drain.

How Can Pipe Cleaning Services Save You Money?

Drain blockage usually occurs over a fairly long period of time. Small buildups gather more and more material until eventually the entire pipe is completely clogged. Once water is blocked the pipe can potentially burst, flooding parts of the house. If an outside sewer line ruptures, flooding can be intense and unpleasant.

Professional pipe cleaning a few times a year can help prevent problems before they start. A broken pipe can cause thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Regular cleanings are much cheaper. Identifying potential plumbing problems with regular cleanings is the easier, more cost-effective choice.