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Your business likely depends on a number of drains each and every day. Regardless of how large your facility may be, what industry you’re in, or how many people work in your office, a drain problem can be extremely costly in both time and money. At Pro Drain Inc., we’re a business ourselves and we understand how drain clogs can impact you. We offer a full range of commercial drain cleaning services designed to handle any type of clog in any drain throughout your facility, making us the partner you can count on for a job done right and done quickly. When you need a commercial drain and sewer team that can help you keep your doors open and business running as usual, Pro Drain Inc. is the name you can count on.

At Pro Drain Inc., we’re confident we’ll be the last name you ever need to know when it comes to drain and sewer services. We’re not like other companies that offer drain cleaning services—while they offer plumbing services in addition to drain and sewers, drains and sewers are all we do. This means we have the experience, expertise, and precise training to make sure that your issue is handled properly the first time and that you’ll be able to go about your business as usual quicker than you may have ever thought possible. From simple clogs in sink drains to major blockages in industrial drain lines, perimeter drains, specialized machinery drains, and so much more, we’ll make sure your blockage is eliminated and your drains are clean and clear. Plus you’ll receive the same great customer service that has earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted names in the Westchester drain cleaning industry.

Drain clog bringing your business down? Pick up the phone and call Pro Drain Inc. at (855) 463-2457 now and let us come take care of the issue and get your business back to normal today.

Commercial Drain Jetting

Jetting is a safe and practical way of cleaning away clogs out of virtually any drain line. This process uses a specialized nozzle tool connected to a pressure washer to blast away clogs of nearly any shape or size. The water is completely harmless to your drain line and quickly dismantles just about any type of clog. It even washes away the debris and flushes it out of your drain completely in the process! This makes it an entirely safe, natural, and eco-friendly way of destroying clogs while also maintaining your drain line and doing away with debris that could potentially cause even more drain clog and debris buildup.

Drain Snaking & Auger Services

For particularly small or difficult to access drains where jetting may not be a possibility, Pro Drain, Inc. offer snaking and auger cleaning services. Snaking a drain involves feeding a special, flexible tool down the drain line until it makes contact with a blockage. Then, using a handle, a drain cleaning technician spins the tool to either drill through the clog or to collect it for removal. Once the clog has been dislodged and removed, the drain reopens and flows smoothly once again.

Snaking and auger cleaning is ideal for small or difficult-to-access drains, including things like:

  • Shower drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Bathroom sink drains
  • Laundry room drains
  • Small machinery drains

When jetting isn’t an option, we can still make sure your drain is clean and will continue to service your business how you need it to.

Commercial Camera Inspections

Think you’ve got a clog but aren’t sure? Want to make sure that clog is really taken care of? Pro Drain Inc. offers commercial camera inspections for any drain in your facility. Before we begin your service, we can run a camera inspection to spot your clog, determine where it is, and figure out the best way to remove it. Once we’ve run our cleaning service, we can run another inspection to make sure we’ve completely eliminated the clog and that your drain is clean and clear again.

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