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Drain jetting is the most effective method of sewer and drain line cleaning. It is utilized on problem lines that contain large amounts of buildup, such as sludge, grease, tree roots, sediment, and fat deposits. By applying high pressure to the inside of your pipe, a drain jet can penetrate almost any type of blockage and scour the pipe walls, leaving them free of buildup. If your drain or sewer line needs to be cleared, call the Westchester County sewer and drain professionals at Pro Drain Inc. today for a free estimate. We offer same-day service.

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How A Drain Jetter Works

Using a special hose and nozzle, a pressurized water tank sends water at different pressures to penetrate grease, ice, tree roots, and even cement. Once the penetrating nozzle has restored drain line flow, it is followed with a flushing nozzle to wash away all the remnants of the debris and buildup. Once this two-step process is complete, your drain or sewer line should be restored to as close to new condition as possible.

Drain jetting is the most effective and thorough method of drain cleaning. Utilizing a high-pressure hose and modern cutting nozzles, our jet machine can create pressures of up to 4000 PSI and 18 gallons per minute. Conventional drain cleaning methods cannot compete with our high-pressure water jet unit.

Examples Of Typical Drain Jetting Jobs

We recently jetted a residential kitchen sink line in a large estate. Apparently, the chef had been pouring used grease down the kitchen sink drain for months. Once the grease cooled, it blocked a twenty-foot section of pipe with a viscous, soft sludge. We spent several hours with an electric drain snake to no avail. The stoppage was too viscous to get it to move down the drain line, and it would continually close up around the drain cable. After removing a small section of pipe in the basement, we used our jetter and, within minutes, had all the grease in the barrel. The end result was a very happy customer who had her sink back in time for a holiday dinner.

Another success story was when, after hours of fruitless tries to clear a sewer line, a customer was told she would need to spend thousands on replacing a pipe after tree roots had broken through. Enter Pro Drain Inc. and our water jet machine. We opened the line after only fifteen minutes, then performed a video inspection and found a heavy root infestation. Forty-five minutes later, no more tree roots. The line was as clean as the day it was installed, and there was no break in the pipe at all. Needless to say, we now have a very happy and satisfied customer!

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