Drain Cleaner For Yonkers And The Surrounding Westchester & Fairfield Counties

Pro Drain Inc. is a team of sewer and drain professionals who are ready to solve any type of plumbing drainage failure. Our service vehicles are fully stocked with the most modern and efficient drain and sewer cleaning equipment and our technicians are well trained, neat, and polite. We treat your home or business as if it were our own. From tub, shower, and sink drains to the largest sanitary and storm sewer lines, Pro Drain Inc. can handle it all. We offer a variety of cleaning methods to restore your drain lines to proper working order.

Manual Drain Augers:

Best for toilets, older shower and bathtub  drains, or any other pipe requiring a “delicate” touch. Distances up to 15′.

Handheld Electric Drain Machine:

Best for newer tubs, showers, and sink lines, Distances up to 35′

Mid Sized Electric Drain Machine:

Best for kitchen sinks, laundry lines, slop sinks, smaller outside storm drains. Distances up to 75′.

Large Electric Sewer Machine:

Best for main line stoppages and larger outside storm drains . Distances up to 250′.

High Velocity Water Jet Machine:

The most effective method of drain cleaning in our arsenal. High pressure water safely scrubs the interior walls of drain lines while simultaneously flushing debris and buildup out of the waste line. From pipe diameters 2″-24″ and distances up to 500′. The best way of removing tree roots and grease buildup.

Digital Video Inspection:

Our 200′ state of the art camera system travels through drain lines, accurately depicting the interior condition. This system removes all guess work when attempting to assess drain line health. If a trouble spot is detected, there is a locating chip embedded in the camera head which corresponds with a hand held locator. With this locator we can pinpoint the exact location of the trouble spot and give a precise depth measurement.