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Address: 175 Huguenot St., #200 #SFB New Rochelle, NY 10801
Phone: (914) 300-1041

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Pro Drain Inc proudly services New Rochelle NY, the “Queen City of the Sound.” From Wykagyl to Wilmot Woods or from Hudson Park to Iona College, New Rochelle has it all and we are ready to clean your drains! We’ve worked in the private estates of Premium Point, the restaurants along North Avenue, and the downtown luxury high rises. Pro Drain is very familiar with your city as well as the sewer and drain concerns that affect it. If you have a private home on one of the many tree-lined streets located throughout the city, we can remove and prevent root stoppages in your sewer line. If you have a condo along Pelham Road, we can unclog those slow tub and basin drains that are plugged up with hair. If you’re located along the Long Island Sound, we’re prepared to keep your storm drain lines flowing so the next storm won’t flood you out.

We recently worked in a gated community located close to Salesian High School. The residents were experiencing road flooding after rain storms. We were called in and quickly found that the storm drain system and catch basins along the roadway were clogged up with mud and sediment, preventing water from draining off the streets. We used our high-pressure water jet machine to safely flush away all the clog forming buildup and debris. Rain storms are now no longer a problem! Storm water now quickly drains away and vehicles can safely pass through the roads. This is only one example of how Pro Drain can be beneficial to you. Whether a large blockage as described above, a slow shower drain, a stopped up kitchen sink or anything in between, we are equipped to handle any drainage failure. Pro Drain proudly keeps the “Queen City of the Sound” properly flowing.