3 Reasons Why You Need a Drain Cleaning Plumber

In the 20th Century, with Google and internet searches, there has been a resurgence of the DIYer. It has become common practice to experience an issue and instead of calling someone, fix it yourself. Home Improvement stores have never had more business than right now!

It would be no surprise then that cleaning out your drains and doing basic plumbing services is a hot topic for search engines. People have opted out of using Drain Cleaning Plumbers and instead use home remedies to remove clogs from their drains (or purchase liquid drain cleaning products from the local store).

Is the standard drain cleaner enough to take down the toughest of clogs? Don’t be surprised when we say no! There is a lot to consider with this DIY project.

Tips for Prevention

Before we jump into why you need a professional drain cleaner it’s important to look at simple ways to prevent build-up inside your drains so that you can avoid recurrences of this problem:

  • Never pour grease down your drain. Always dispose of the grease before cleaning the pan and consider wiping it down with paper towels before washing.
  • Always keep a strainer over your drain to catch hair and other particles from going into your pipes.

Signs that it’s Time to Call a Professional

If you notice any of the following, odds are you have drain issues that need to be resolved immediately:

  • Drains are not processing water as fast as they used to
  • Backed up toilets
  • Foul odors coming from your sinks
  • You’ve used a lot of liquid drain cleaners lately

Advantages of Calling a Professional

Most people are resistant when it comes to reaching out for help. We often feel like if we can’t do something ourselves, we’ve somehow failed. However, there are times where it’s best to swallow your pride and leave things to someone more qualified. This is one of them.

Below, we’ve outlined the top 3 reasons why a drain cleaning plumber is likely your best bet.

1)  Better Quality Cleaning:

It has become common, when experiencing clogged drains, to purchase drain cleaning products. Most environmentalists preach against this practice though, claiming these products may damage the environment.

Instead of turning to these de-clogging products you should request a hydro jet drain cleaning service that uses high-pressure steam to blast out gunk built inside your drains. Instead of pushing out the clog with a drain cleaning product these companies use hot water to remove things like grease, soap, and sand. Your standard products use acid to remove grease which is very harmful to your pipes and the environment.

A few reasons why the quality is higher:

  • Trained professional with years of experience under their belt.
  • An eye for possible “points of concern” which can prevent future damage.
  • Natural products that don’t harm the environment (they typically only use hot water).
  • Have all the correct tools to do the job.

2) DIY Products are Unsafe

Your standard over-the-counter drain cleaner product is made of various hazardous products, such as bleach and lye. These products, although somewhat effective at removing clogs are very hazardous for the environment and the person administering the product.

These corrosive materials can seriously damage anyone who is not trained properly on how to use them safely. Additionally, these products are unsafe for your plumbing and may cause more costs in the long run.

If you’re using “natural” products to clean out your drains, you may not receive the same level of quality as liquid cleaners or especially, trained professionals. There has been a resurgence lately of these cleaning methods but large amounts of speculation, with mixed results, surround this industry.

Regardless of which cleaning material you use it is wise to know what ingredients you’re pouring down your drains. Be safe with each material you introduce into your home.

Common ingredients for natural cleaners:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Dish Detergent
  • Hot Water

Common ingredients for “acid” based cleaners:

  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid

Common ingredients for “base” based cleaners:

  • Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)
  • Potassium Hydroxide
  • Bleach
  • Peroxides
  • Nitrates

3) Regular Professional Cleaning Reduces Long-Term Costs and Smells

Cleaning out your drains monthly is the best way to ensure you don’t have any clogging at unexpected times, and that you have no odd odor lingering in your home. There is nothing worse than coming home to “clogged drain” smell.

Decaying material inside of your pipes will result in foul odors. This bacteria, mold and decaying matter create a perfect formula for a home that smells unclean no matter how organized and well-maintained everything else appears to be. Using a cleaner on each of your drains, or some form of home-remedy may not be enough to prevent this occurrence.

Routine use of a drain cleaning plumber will keep your home smelling clean and prevent those inconvenient, unexpected clogged drains from interfering with your busy life.

In addition to the benefit of having a clean smelling home, routine use of a cleaner will keep your drains from building up gunk that causes damage. Holding material inside your plumbing for long periods of time can result in the material corroding your pipes.

A common practice among drain cleaning plumbers is to run hoses down your pipes which may detect damaged drains. This early detection prevents severe damages from developing, which cost you more money.


If you’re a DIYer at heart, we understand your need to clean your drains instead of hiring a professional. It must be stressed that this may not be the best thing for your drains, or your family. Foul odors, damaged pipes, and environmental hazards are just a few of the reasons for hiring a professional to clean your drains.

Someone with experience will know the industry better and can ensure proper use of materials and practices that do not harm the environment while giving you top level cleaning. Having the correct material and equipment provides better results with reduced time investment on your part.

Each month you should have a trained professional look at your plumbing to ensure proper flow. It is a great idea to install strainers on each sink to catch material before it enters the drain. This will make cleaning easier and prevent future damages. Regardless of the route you go, be sure to clean your drains responsibly with the safest product to you, your family, and the environment.