Drain Cleaner

What does a Drain Cleaner Do?

An experienced drain cleaner is essential to resolving your sewer or drain issue in an efficient, neat, and cost effective manner. Unlike a general plumber who must wear many hats throughout their workday, a drain cleaner specializes in drain line blockages. A drain cleaner has perfected his craft, understanding the key issues that cause drain line blockages and can do so in a manner that saves you time and money. An experienced drain cleaner has seen thousands of situations like yours before; rarely if ever do they encounter a unique sewer or drain line issue.

Why not just call a plumber to fix my drain problem?

Much like a doctor, you wouldn’t see your general practitioner for a heart issue, you’d see a cardiologist. The same applies for plumbing. Why call a general plumber who knows a little bit about all plumbing when you can call a specialized drain cleaner who can restore your drain line to proper working order efficiently and effectively. That’s where Pro Drain Inc. comes in. We are a team of sewer and drain professionals. All we do are drain line clogs. No leaks, no boilers, no faucets. We are solely focused on sewer and drain cleaning and are the very best at it. Our trucks are fully stocked with the latest and most efficient drain cleaning tools. That allows us to complete any type of sewer and drain stoppage in the most efficient manner, saving you time and money. We believe in performing one type of service, and being the very best at it.

How do you approach a typical drain cleaner job?

We use a wide array of modern technology and machinery to restore any sewer or drain line back to proper working order. We have an assortment of electric drain cleaning machines, not dissimilar to the original “rooter” machine. We also have cameras that can enter your sewer or drain line and document pipe condition. We have locators that can pinpoint a damaged section which allows us to mark the ground above and notate pipe depth. We also have a high-velocity water jet machine, which safely scrubs the interior of your drain or sewer line with high-pressure water, washing away any type of buildup or blockage. From sinks to sewers, Pro Drain Inc. can handle it all. We do the job the right way, the first time.