Rooter Service

What is a Rooter Service?

When you are experiencing a sewer or drain line clog, hiring a “rooter service” may be the first thing that comes to mind, but what exactly is a “rooter service”. A “rooter service” is an old-fashioned way of referring to a very specific and specialized type of plumber. Back in the 1930’s, a man named Samuel Blanc invented the world’s first electric drain cleaning machine and his wife named it the “roto-rooter” machine. As time past, Mr. Blanc would go from town to town selling these machines as well as the idea of a company that performed this specific type of plumbing service. The first rooter services were born. This idea spread rapidly and many companies surfaced, using a variation of the “rooter” phrase in their company names. Nowadays we generally refer to these type of professionals as sewer and drain service mechanics, although several national chains still utilize the term so famously coined by Mrs. Blanc in 1933. Essentially “rooter service”, “sewer and drain service”, or “drain specialist”, are all one in the same and interchangeable.

How Pro Drain Inc. works?

Pro Drain Inc. is a sewer and drain cleaning company. We use a wide array of modern technology and machinery to restore any sewer or drain line back to proper working order. We have an assortment of electric drain cleaning machines, not dissimilar to the original “rooter” machine. We also have cameras that can enter your sewer or drain line and document pipe condition. We have locators that can pinpoint a dated section which allows us to mark the ground above and notate pipe depth. We also have a high-velocity water jet machine, which safely scrubs the interior of your drain or sewer line with high-pressure water, washing away any type of buildup or blockage. From sinks to sewers, Pro Drain can handle it all. We do the job the right way, the first time.

Yonkers, NY:

The following is an example of an actual drain problem we solved. We received a call on a Saturday night from a homeowner in the Crestwood section of Yonkers, NY, and the resident indicated that they had noticed a “smelly” odor coming from the laundry tub area of their basement for about a week. They also noticed “gunk” residue in the sink. Now when they went downstairs to do laundry, the sink was filled to the top with sewage. Obviously they were a bit panicked so we arrived in short order to diagnose the problem. It turns out that the main sewer line for the house was clogged. We were able to get the line flowing with our electric “rooter” machine. Turns out that the roots from a fairly large tree at the curb had intruded the sewer line, causing a total blockage. We then performed a video inspection of the inside of the pipe. Luckily for the homeowners the inspection revealed no further root intrusions. We suggested an annual cleaning to cut out the root regrowth, before another messy and smelly situation arises in the future.