Sewer Cleaning

What is a Sewer Cleaning?

Sewer cleaning is not a topic that most people want to think about, let alone discuss. But much like any other type of utility, it does require service from time to time. It’s best to inform you what you can do to prevent or deal with a sewer line failure in advance in order not to be panicked or overwhelmed if it ever should occur.

What is your Sewer Line actually?

First, let’s talk about what your sewer line actually is. Think of your drain line system as a tree; the fixtures (sinks, toilets, etc.) are the leafs, the drain line that they are immediately connected to are the twigs, the common line where they first connect together are the branches, and finally they all come together in one main sewer line which is the trunk. As you can see from this analogy is that the most heavily trafficked area of this system is the trunk, from this point on referred to as the main sewer line. The main line is handling all the drain wastewater from the entire property. All the sinks, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers travel through this one main line. These fixtures also bring along more than water; hair, grease, food particles are just some of the potential residue traveling through your sewer line. Once the main line leaves your property, there is potential for further blockages such as tree roots. If any of these one items is allowed to build up enough, eventually you may experience a full sewer line blockage. Keep in mind all that water we mentioned earlier that travels through the main line, it now has nowhere to go except out of the lowest opening in your sewer line that it can find. This low point is generally somewhere in your basement, perhaps a shower, toilet, laundry sink or floor drain. This wastewater backup can be quite messy and smelly but fear not, there is something that you can do to prevent this situation. It’s called Preventive Sewer Line Cleaning.

Sewer Cleaning Service in Yonkers NY

If you’ve been looking for a sewer cleaning service around Yonkers, NY, look no further. As one of the top-rated drain cleaning companies in the area, we can ensure that your plumbing is operating at full-capacity without draining your bank account. Serving Yonkers, as well as New Rochelle,, and Mamaroneck, our teams are capable of traveling to your location whenever you need us because we know that your problems can’t wait.

There’s too much to do in this beautiful city for you to sit at home waiting for a drain cleaning technician. For that reason, we prioritize our timeliness, so that you can get on with your life with the peace of mind that the experts are taking care of you. For all of your sewer cleaning needs in Yonkers and beyond, give us a call and then relax.

New Rochelle Sewer Cleaning Company

As one of the oldest cities in the country, it’s not uncommon for residents and businesses to require sewer cleaners. While basic issues might be possible to fix by yourself, for more complex cleaning tasks you need to call our expert technicians. With years of experience, we know how to clean better than most sewer cleaning companies, meaning that you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Cleaning stinks, there’s no denying it, but the only thing worse than cleaning is the thought of having to get your hands into a disgusting sewer drain. Rather than pushing yourself into your worst nightmare, call the professionals in Mamaroneck, NY and New Rochelle. Our affordable sewer cleaners make light work of even the dirtiest and most complex of problems.

We stand for quality, professionalism, and integrity, which is why you can trust us to care for your problem as if it was our own. Our goal is never to offer a quick solution but to ensure that you get a long-term fix that will prevent you from having repeat issues going forward. Problems often come back, especially if they aren’t handled correctly. Don’t take a risk, call us today.

Why You Need a High-Quality Sewer Cleaning Service 

Price is important, but we all know that a quick fix that doesn’t last can often be far costlier in the long run. We have a supreme focus on quality, ensuring that our sewer cleaners work diligently to remove all of the possible waste and debris from the plumbing to reduce the possibility of further issues.

Our focus on quality extends through to our pre and after-care, offering dependable customer service, with a goal of doing everything within our power to make you happy. Our service technicians have the experience and training necessary to clean and repair even the most severe of problems so that you can get your life flowing properly again.

Whether you’re dealing with a sink that won’t drain properly, a toilet that’s constantly clogging or a large sewer line that’s seriously malfunctioning, we’ll treat you like family. Stop worrying about your sewer cleaning needs and give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.

Prompt and Effective Service for Sewer Issues

Problems always seem to arrive at the worst time, don’t they? You shouldn’t have to wait, which is why we make it our mission to respond to your emergencies as quickly as possible. Every minute that you wait is painful, and we understand that. Fortunately, with years of experience, our technicians can solve your issues rapidly, so that you can get on with your life.

Relying on other sewer cleaning companies can be risky, especially if you’re unsure when they’ll show up. You don’t want to sit around waiting all day when you know that you could have called us and be enjoying time with your friends and family by now instead.

Sewer issues can impede on your life, preventing you from using the washroom or taking a shower, making you late for work and starting your day with anger and frustration. That’s no way to live your life. Speed is of the utmost importance to our employees, who will get to you as soon as possible and clean your sewers efficiently to get out of your hair and to let you get back to living your life.

We’re all busy, and as New Yorkers we are busier than most, which is why you can’t afford to spend time sitting around and waiting. You’ve got meetings to get to, chores to complete, trips to plans and dinner to cook. The last thing you need is an unreliable plumber to cancel on you, especially when you’ve been waiting around for hours. Skip the rest, give us a call today and let us take care of you.

Sewer Cleaning for Yonkers Residents

The piping in an old city like NYC is typically ancient, which can make it easier to clog and fill. As a result, homeowners and businesses in and around Yonkers will find that they might require yearly, or more frequent, sewer cleaning to ensure that all of their drains are rinsing efficiently and not backing up.

Not only are backed up drainage pipes a disgusting problem to deal with, but they can also cause permanent damage to the piping if they aren’t cleaned properly and promptly. As expert sewer cleaners, our technicians will be able to tell you if there is likely to be any repairs needed, or whether it’s a simple job which requires heavy-duty debris removal.

Things to Do in Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Mamaroneck

The great thing about Yonkers and the surrounding neighborhood is that you can very easily travel south into Manhattan and explore everything that the island has to offer. A short train ride to Grand Central will take very little time and gives you access to a greater number of facilities and attractions.

Around Yonkers and New Rochelle, you have the Untermyer Park and Gardens, which has over 40 acres of pristine landscaped terrain for you and your family to explore. New York often gets characterized as an urban jungle, but out here there is untamed wilderness that is ideal for children to explore.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a fun time, the Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers is a great day-trip for children and adults alike. With an aquatic complex, tennis, hiking and a range of fun activities, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself. Even if you’re not a particularly active person, there are plenty of opportunities for you to relax and take a break from the chaos of day to day life.

How Much Does Sewer Cleaning Cost in New Rochelle, NY?

Sewer cleaners are experts at fixing a wide range of drainage and plumbing issues, preventing further damage to your piping. Fortunately, we make it our goal to provide an affordable service to our customers. The precise cost of the service is going to depend primarily on the severity of the issue that you’re having.

If the problem is likely to take more equipment and hours to fix, the cost will be higher. While simple and quick issues are likely to be very affordable. To find out more about our cost structure and to get a quote, please get in contact with us today. Our team is dedicated to making your life easier, and we’re excited to help you.

You Need a Reputable Sewer Cleaning Company

Regardless of whether you’re located in New Rochelle or Yonkers, choosing a reputable provider from the many available sewer cleaning companies is vital. Not only is that team going to get access to your building, but they’re also responsible for fixing a problem that if left could cause further damage.

We pride ourselves on our honor and customer service, which is why we believe that we’re the number one sewer cleaning company in Yonkers and beyond. We’d love to work with you and to help you solve your problems. Get in touch with us today and let us tell you more about what we do and how we can help.

Whether you’re a business, a family or a government agency, our reliable technicians are available whenever you need us to ensure that the plumbing is running smoothly. Stop putting up with slow draining sinks and blocked toilets, improve your quality of life by calling us today and arranging for our team to check out the problem and to give you a free, personalized quote for your issues. Don’t wait, call us now!

Time to Call Pro Drain Inc.

This is where Pro Drain Inc. comes in for your sewer cleaning. We have one customer in particular located in the Wykagyl section in the city of New Rochelle NY. This picturesque neighborhood is renowned for its natural beauty, including many large trees. This resident has a very aggressive growing tree in front of their home. The roots grow into the sewer line at such a rate, that the mainline will clog every 7-8 months if not cleaned regularly. This particular basement has been beautifully finished, so it goes without saying that a sewer backup is particularly inconvenient. The good news that we clean the line on a bi-annual schedule, cutting out the tree roots before they can cause a messy sewer back up. We’ve been doing this for the last three years at this location, and we’re very happy to say that there have been zero sewer clogs in that time.