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Picture of Rotted Pipe

It’s as easy as 3…2...1… “Click”, and you can see what is happening in your pipes. Hopefully, it’s a pretty picture; however, if it’s not up to our standards here at Pro Drain, Inc., there is no need to worry. We will rectify any issue we encounter through our Sewer Camera Inspection, and help you achieve the best looking pipes you’ve ever seen.

Drain line maintenance is key to capturing great looking pipes. If you fail to manage your drain and sewage piping, you can end up with dire emergencies that are neither a pleasant sight or smell. Here are the drain disasters you can encounter if you fail to habitually participate in drain maintenance.

What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your Drains

Septic Waste in Your Yard

If you can see septic water waste in your yard, your sewer line is broken. Sewer lines begin leaking if your septic pipe is faulty, you have a crack in your main line, or if you have a clogged drain field. All of these issues are easily caught if you participate in regular sewer line maintenance, and would be far less severe. When you have a problem with your sewer line, the longer it goes undetected, the worse the problem gets.

Backups and Blockages

If your toilet backups every time you flush it, if your sink backups every time you run water through it, and if your shower drain backups every time water goes down it, you have a problem in your mainline. Sewage backups result from blockages in the mainline, appearing in the lowest, open drain in the house.

Common mainline backups or blockages:

  • Tree roots

  • Cracks in the piping

  • Misaligned pipe connections

The above problems are easily diagnosed with Sewer Camera Inspection. However, when backups and blockages go undiscovered, they can cause damage and you will have to replace your sewer line.

Odor and Mold

Let’s just say, working sewage lines are airtight; so, if you sense a potent odor emanating from your sewer line, you have a cracked sewer line. In addition to the foul smell, leaking sewage lines affect your home’s humidity levels. Your humidity will increase and put your home at risk for mold growth. A simple camera session would have caught a small leak before it became large enough to produce any scent or raise your home’s humidity. Contact a professional drain cleaner if you're smelling sewage or if you experience an increase in temperature within your home.

Rodent and Insect Infestation

Cracks in your sewage line create ideal pathways for rats and other insects to make their way into your home. These animals are able to fit through piping as small as a quarter, and the newfound moisture in your home will attract them. A Sewer Camera Inspection would allow us to locate holes in your sewer piping and seal them off, so your home can remain rodent and insect free.

Call Pro Drain, Inc., at (855) 463-2457, to set up your Sewer Camera Inspection. Be in the know.

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